Let’s Talk Hearts
Bromley by Bow Community Centre

8th October 2018

On 25th September we had met the Bromley by Bow Community Centre staff and Jane firmed up and reiterated our requirements for the talks in a few weeks’ time. We also had a look around the Centre. Then we visited two local schools and some shops to advertise our event.

Jane, Sun and I met up at Bromley by Bow Station in good time on the 8th October and proceeded to the Centre, collected keys, confirmed arrangements, and organised the set up for the talks. Jane organised the church and I.T. set-up. Sun and I set about signposting the area so people could find us and then Sun assisted Jane inside the Church whilst I waited in the Central Hub talking to the staff and visitors inviting them along to our talks and rounding up strays (who can sometime arrive up to half an hour late). One group of three/four students did in fact arrive this late but explained by their timetabling. They all signed up to be notified of our next Let’s Talk Hearts event. 

The talks, covering separate but interlinked subjects, were given by Doctors Christopher Primus, Mohammed Kanji and Paul Wright and I found them very interesting and informative. It was apparent that the audience did too. The speakers engaged their audience as evidenced by the number of questions that flowed. Even better, all the questions were intelligent and relevant. Vernon Trafford, our Public and Patient Advisory Group (PPAG) Chair, was complimentary about the speakers, the subjects covered, that he thought complemented each other very well and also the new venue which he liked very much. This was good to know and confirmed our own impressions.

Jane was very pleased with our new venue and indicated Bromley by Bow Community Centre was somewhere we should return to again. I wholeheartedly agree with her. The church was ideal for our audience numbers of around 30 and the Centre itself has friendly and very helpful staff.

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