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 Ron is a trials patient and volunteer at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, and a TrialsConnect committee member . He contributes to our activities and various other ‘Patient & Public Engagement/Involvement’ (PPIE)  events

Ron is retired from work which included being a Postman, Barristers’ Clerk, and then Managing Clerk in a top London firm of solicitors for approximately 25 years. Presently he is enjoying being a volunteer and patient at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre where he claims he has actually discovered surprising new talents in the last five years.

He had taken part in nine previous clinical trials and studies over the years but considers his present trial at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre the best because of the excellent facilities and the wonderful, friendly staff. They were also the first to accept him as a volunteer. 

Ron reports on his activities with TrialsConnect and related ‘Public and Patient Engagement and Involvement’ (‘PPIE’) contributions.

One ordinary man’s view in mid-July
15th July 2020

Has the COVID-19 virus been beaten in the UK?
Do we need all these new Clinical Trials and Studies?

Forgive the somewhat crass heading butMORE

Lockdown Thoughts from Home

9th June 2020

I have been reading of many problems that have to do with lockdown… MORE

Trevor’s Story

The Guardian, 23rd May 2020

Reading this story today following the report in the Telegraph last Thursday strikes close to home. I live in Newham too… MORE

COVID-19 observations

from Self Isolation

May 2020

These are some thoughts about Coronavirus and how you can still help despite having to self-isolate. A Knell of Doom? NO!

Please forgive the weird start. These are really strange times and those of us who are self-isolating are…    MORE

Let’s Talk Hearts

The Ideas Store, Whitechapel

Tuesday 10th March 2020

I am pleased to report that these talks took place although I could not attend because of ill-health. Bit annoying really because I had done quite a lot of work emailing, etc. alongside Jane Bachelor.

Below is a note of the speakers and the subjects of their talks.…    MORE

A hectic February 2020

William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

I have attended a couple of planning meetings and have covered reception duties for Andrew on a couple of Mondays in additional to my Friday stints. Poor Andrew had injured his knee…    MORE

Centre for Cancer Prevention PPI

The Wolfson Institute

15th January 2020

After a welcome and “housekeeping” information the programme began with a description of our briliant illuminated mural and it’s story.…    MORE

Presentation and Blood Pressure Session

The City of London Police, Guildhall Buildings

16th December 2019

Upon discussions with Peter Hunt of the City of London Police Anti-Corruption Unit, David Collier and Anne Zak of the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre arranged for a team… MORE

6th Form Students ‘Work Experience Day’
William Harvey Heart Centre

23rd October 2019

I was unwell and couldn’t attend in the end — but I helped with preparations and can report… MORE

Students work experience day
William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

10th July 2019

Our planning for the one-day visit from 6th Form work experience students commenced in the usual manner… MORE

QMUL Science Festival

19th June 2019

I am pleased to report that Jane Batchelor, Centre & Events Manager Barts NIHR BRC, and her helpers managed to put on an enjoyable and successful Festival again this year… MORE

International Clinical Trials Day
Cardiac Research Stand

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital

23 May 2019

I attended with staff Sophie, Celine, Jane and three research nurses from the Cardiology Department. We had a pleasurable time and a tremendous responseMORE

Research Matters
Great Hall, St Bartholomew’s Hospital

22nd May 2019

I attended this event where the Speakers were as follows MORE

Royal London Hospital tour of the new Clinical Trials Unit

Ward 11D on the 11th Floor

24th May 2019

This event was held in celebration of International Clinical Trials Day and was hosted by David Lieberman, the Clinical Trials Manager at the Royal London Hospital… MORE

Linkage Plus

Wapping Children’s Centre

10th April 2019

This was an informal coffee morning meeting organised by Jane Batchelor with Helen Dickinson, Community Outreach Worker… MORE

IQVIA Staff ‘Town Hall’

Kings Cross Office

Thursday 6th December 2018

Present were: Baroness Fairchild; Dr David Collier and Jane Pheby of the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre; Patients Margot, Peter and Ron (me!); Members of staff at IQVIA King’s Cross Office MORE

Clinical Trial Patient Workshop
Novartis UK

20th November 2018

This patient consultation was arranged by Dr David Collier, Clinical Director at the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre, and Paul Bowers Isaacson, an educationist and TrialsConnect patient, working with Eduardo Chicote of Novartis UKMORE

IQVIA staff ‘Town Hall’

Reading Offices

15th November 2018

Our panel for this ‘Whose Trial Is It anyway?’ presentation was led and organised by Dr David Collier and patient Paul Bowers Isaacson. The other patients on the panel were Mary, Les Luke and myself… MORE

“The Patient Voice” AGM

14th November 2018

This note is made purely with the intention of recording my attendance along with Vernon Trafford our Chair of PPAG. The meeting itself was well attended … MORE

Let’s Talk Hearts
Bromley by Bow Community Centre

8th October 2018

On 25th September we had met the Bromley by Bow Community Centre staff and Jane firmed up and reiterated our requirements for the talks in a few weeks’ time. We also had a look around the Centre… MORE

6th Form Student ‘Work experience’ Visit
William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

24th October 2018

I would like to start this note of the Student Work Experience Day by congratulating the hard-working group of people who helped make this a happy and beneficial day for the students and all the staff who patiently and calmly helped… MORE 

Preparation  visit for Let’s Talk Hearts at new venue

25th September 2018

After emails flowing between Jane Batchelor and myself with different members of staff at Bromley by Bow, that raised a few issues, I met Jane at Bromley by Bow Station and walked the route to the Community Centre… MORE

Bart’s & Queen Mary University Science Festival

20th June 2018

I arrived at the Octagon just before 9.00am and met Paul Bowers Isaacson who was in the process of erecting the TrialsConnect stall. I knew that there would be a very technical reason why we had been unable to erect it the previous day. There was! We had the base upside down… MORE

Bart’s & Queen Mary University Science Festival

Preparation Day, 19 June 2018

Do we realise how much work is involved in planning and organising an event like this and do we know how time consuming it is? I ask because I have helped a little… MORE

Let’s Focus on Diabetes

led by Gill Hood at the Garrod Building, 13 June 2018

This excellent event was favourably presaged by the excellent directions exactly pinpointing the venue. Such precision is rare and was much appreciated. When I arrived and signed in I was warmly received… MORE

Elaine Chews Event

St. Bartholomew-the-Great, 11 June 2018

On this occasion that I attended with a few other patients and a couple of staff from Queen Mary University and the William Harvey Clinical Research Centre we were treated to a talk by Professor Lambiase about the fascinating work he and his team was doing on the heart… MORE

Research Matters: Get Involved, Make a Difference

Public engagement in research conference

23 May 2018

This event took place in the Great Hall at St. Bart’s and I met Jane who was assisting at the sign-in desk after she had set out various promotional materials including one for the crowdfunding site for the Beetroot Study… MORE

May Measurement Month — Blood Pressure Activity

East London Mosque, Whitechapel

Monday 21st May 2018

In preparation for this event David Collier, Rebecca James and patient Mike discussed the possibility of going out into the community and paying a visit to the East London Mosque in Whitechapel. Mike liaised with the Imam and a visit was made… MORE

UCL Involvement Leads Network meeting

16th April 2018

The meeting was very well attended, including, Jane Batchelor and patients Paul , Joan and myself from our team. After light refreshments and the Introduction given by Erin Walker who is the Patient Insight and Involvement Lead at UCLPartners talks were given by … MORE

Barts CTU and Cancer Prevention CTU teambuilding

Wolfson Institute of Preventative Medicine

23rd April 2018

I attended with David Collier who, after listening to the previous speakers, addressed those present and then introduced me to say a few words about my clinical trial. I recounted my experiences with some high-flying executives from the drug company who were trialling my study drug… MORE 

Wellbeing Event

Robin Brooke Centre

25th April 2018

We listened to speeches from the following luminaries: Professor Steve Thornton welcomed everyone there and also students from Malta on a live link… MORE

Let’s Talk hearts

The Ideas Store, Whitechapel

26th March 2018

I had assisted Jane Batchelor with emailing our contacts and promoting and issuing invitations for the Let’s Talk Hearts talk at the Ideas Store in Whitechapel including the preparation of an article for inclusion in a newsletter… MORE

Sixth Form Students ‘work experience’ visit to William Harvey Clinical Research Centre

25 October 2017 

After being welcomed to the William Harvey Heart Centre the groups were split up into four groups and visited in rotation… MORE

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